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Socionocular is by-and-large a blog about sociology, surveillance, and technology. It’s primarily fixated on technology, video games, social media, and cyberspace. Within this blog you will find the musings and thoughts of Abigail Curlew, sociologist and independent journalist. Abigail is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. She is interested in how surveillance and technology are infused in our day-to-day activities, our politics, our cultural attitudes, and our leisure activities. She is also broadly interested in queer theory, women’s studies, feminist theories, critical race theories, material semiotics, and actor-network theory.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss anything written on this blog you can get a hold of Abigail at this email address (abigail.curlew(AT)gmail. com). You are also welcome to submit a short (500-700 word) article!! Comments are universally disabled on this site because a consistent and sustained spam attack by our advertising robot overlords.

Follow Abigail on twitter for notification of blog updates (among other things): @Curlew_A

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